Awesome Run and Breakfast

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3 Miles in 33 minutes and a great breakfast.  Had a smoothie with protein mix, 1 banana, 3 cups of  spinach, 1 1/2 cups black, blue, and other berries, 1 1/2 cups strawberries, 1 tsp bee pollen, and 18 bitter almonds (for the b15 and b17)  On top of that I had three eggs, half a cup of salsa and oatmeal.  I mix all of those up and eat them from a mini cast iron skillet.  I know that’s not appitizing for probably anyone but me, but I love it.  It’s eggs and a grain and salsa.  It’s just a different kind of grain than you’re used to mixing with salsa.  So what.  It’s delicious.  All together its 900 calories.  The run at my weight is -500 calories.  that puts me at 400 calories at noon.  I can eat another 1500-2000 calories and still be at a pace to loose just under 3 lbs. this week.  I can’t wait until I’m running 9 minute miles at this altitude.  If I can do that by the end of September I can probably make the LA Marathon this year. 

I’m down to 242 for the third time.  I’m going to make a graph in excel and start posting it on a regular basis here.


The Payoff

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This was the hardest week so far because the scale said I was gaining weight.  A week ago I was 242lbs.  This morning I’m up to 244.5.  But, I took off over two minutes from my running pace in just a week.  I’ve gained 2.5 lbs. of muscle in my legs.  My belt is looser even though I gained weight on the scale.  Last week I ran four miles at a pace of 13.56 minutes/mile.  This morning I ran four miles in only 11.5 minutes/mile. 

When I run by the beach, near sea level altitued I should find that I can run six miles in under an hour.  I’ll predict that by this time next month I’ll be very close to running 6 miles at 8000 feet in under an hour as well. 

I came close to giving up this week, yet now I feel better than I have for years.  I’ve got to keep this victory in my mind next time I feel like giving up.

Four miles and 5000 calories later…

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Okay, so much for loosing weight today.  Mash potatos got me.  I ate about two cups of julian-cut string beans with it though.  Does that help? 

Oh, my third grade crush, who I’ve been avoiding getting together with for about eight months is coming to my home town and is so excited to spend “even just an hour” with me.  That’s going to be four weeks from now. 

She likes me a lot and is also super competitive.  Doesn’t take much imagination to figure out how this could go.