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Two days off diet. Weight down anyway. GPSing my run.

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We know this kind of thing happens.  I was out of town, not far, just a couple of hours and stayed in a hotel, ate at restaurants.  Pretty much ravenous yesterday and ate plenty.  Back on track today.  When I don’t run for a couple of days my joints and muscles have a chance to recover, so I can’t wait to run tonight.  Oh, I’ve got this little Garmin running thing…here it is, its called a Forerunner.  I used to only run on pre-measured courses but, since this device uses GPS to map me and track my distance and speed I can run wherever the hell I want and still know how good/bad to feel about my work out.  Have it charged up and ready to go for the first time in a year.


246! Whaat?

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Well, here it is right on my scale.  Was hoping to get down to 243 today but here I am up two pounds to 246.  I don’t like it.  I’m going out for a 3 mile run right now and will keep the calories down to 1500 today plus whatever I exercise off so.  That’ll be 2000 if all I do is the three mile run.  I’m going to the temecula area today so I might hit the gym down there or even go for a run at the beach. too. 

Had one of the best tasting smoothies in a while last night.  Same old two cups of spinach, but used a cup of frozen strawberries instead of an orange and a cup and a half of the mixed berries mix from Costco.  I’ve also been mixing in a half teaspoone of local bee pollen.  I have no idea what that’s even suppossed to be good for.  But now that I go to Clark’s…which is a regular grocery store sized health food place to get the apricot Kernels,  I see stuff like that and just try it out for the heck of it.

(Business Lunch, Plumbing Shot, More on B15)

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Brown water coming out of the pipes this morning.  Glad I didn’t go running this morning-no shower. 

I’ve got a marketing meeting at Mimi’s today.  I’m not going to order something diety (spelling please).  In line with the idea of making this a permanent lifestyle change, I’m not going to make ridiculous orders at restaurants.  If we’re going to In-n-Out, I’m having a double double with grilled cheese however, I’m probably not going to order the fries animal style.  Okay, I might order them animal style every couple of years, or after marathons.  (I’ve run over ten of those–I’m serious about that.  Fries animal-style are In-n-Out’s fresh shoe-stringers with dressing, grilled onions, and melted cheese.) 

So, that means I’m going to have a 1500 calorie meal in the middle of the day.  Breakfast has already been 350 cals, dinner will have to be Subway or Chipotle at 600 calories for a total of 2450 calories and I’ll through in a longer run at high altitude.  (I live in the mountains and work in the city seveal days or more during the week.  It’s fun to sometimes purposely run at the beach or go to a gym closer to sea level and really push.  It makes a huge difference. I believe it helps build muscle too, but that’s really not why I do it; I do it because it feels incredible.)  That was a long parenthetical. 

One thing I forgot to highlight about Vitamin B15 is that it lowers blood pressure too.

Speed, Altitude and B15

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I woke up late and had a limited amount of time to get a run in before a teleconference at ten, so I had no choice but to push myself on speed.  It’s a three mile run at a very high altitude.  I finished in 42 minutes, but that was including a .3 mile warm down walk.  So I’m not sure exactly what my pace was.  But I’m guessing it was between 11 and 12 minutes per mile.  That’s not so fast, but when I started I was at 15+ minute miles. 

I began taking apricot kernels for B17 and got the added benefit of a vitamin called B15.  I felt an immediate increase in my speed months ago then stopped running for several weeks.  Here’s what one commercial site says about B15:

 “According to Dr. Ernst Krebs, vitamin B15 increases the oxygen efficiency of the entire body and aids in the detoxification of waste products.  Experiments have also shown that this substance, although just a natural food factor, greatly increases physical strength and stamina.” http://www.apricotpower.com/store/item-details.asp?id=415

Today’s run was my best experience at this altitude in a few years.  I’m anxious to see what I can do closer to sea level on a treadmill.  This might be erroneous thinking but, if I can do three 9 minute miles at 245 lbs., doesn’t that imply that I should be pretty fast if I can get close to 195 again?  I’d sure like to find out.  Thank you B15.


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I’m home earlier and I’ve kept to the calories I wanted plus 200 for the two shots of tequilla I just had. Seems like writing did help me slow things dow and pay attention to how I was feeling rather than just react. Alright, this may sound strange but here are the two emotions I felt that might be noteworthy. First at some point I felt a little sad that I couldn’t do whatever I wanted to.  Isn’t that kind of funny?  I’m grieving over the loss of extra food, or at least over the loss of the experience and pleasure I get from stuffing my face.  Secondly, a little bit of frustration because I felt like snacking just out of bordom once I finished my last serve.

Picking today apart

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Okay, everything is unfolding as I said.  Just got back from that hike.  I’ve had my first green smoothie for the day and a veggie burrito.  So what’s going to be that thing that causes the challenge?  I’m going to be on the road for the next five hours driving.  By midnight I’ll be hungry again.  Also, I’ll be driving by tons of fast food restaurants and maybe craving a little more stimulous than the driving and the radio and podcasts.  I’m a process server.  So, depending on the week, I’ll rack up some crazy hours driving. 

Tim Ferris is an author I’ve been reading lately, he’s got a blog too.  http://www.fourhourworkweek.com/blog/ He’s written about using a mini vacation as one of the things to help motivate yourself in business.  Cranking out a project then taking of for a few months and learning another language or skill of some kind.  I thought I’d write a little about something that motivates me when I think about loosing weight.  It’s clothes.  I like to dress dramatically or silly.  I won’t ever get my ear pierced  but I’ll wear pink jeans, or a ridiculous shirt.  I haven’t been able to pull that off because it just doesn’t fly, at least in my mind when your body doesn’t look at least fit.

Slowing down time

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Not that I never loose my temper now, but there was a time when people could punch my buttons much more easily.  At thirty I was still a new teacher and was appalled to find that apparently they (the buttons) were still out there for some students.  I convinced myself that I never wanted to give out that “free show” that teachers and adults give as a reward to the entire class for a student or two finally getting to them.  I had to slow everything down, realize what was happening before my mind reacted to the offence, and just float contently above whatever nonscence  was going on.  The other thing was to figure out why something upset me, what was it I was trying to prove at the moment?  What was it that made me emotionally susceptible to a certain behavior or certain words by a student?  Finally, how are these related to weight loss. 

Part of what I hope to gain by writing is to slow down my reaction time and figure out what it is thats getting to me between late afternoon and midnight.  Here I am again at about 1000 calories in the mid afternoon.  I’m just going to record what happens for as many days as it takes.  We’ll see what happens. 

So far today I’ve gone running (about 3 miles), spent the morning with all of my kids then went for a walk to the ice cream parlor with the two youngest followed by a few rounds of pool.  Now we’re home.  One of them is going to watch the Dodger game, the other is going to the  skate park.  I’m dropping him off on my way to a hike.  I’ll pick him back up on the way back.  Then the consumption will begin.

First there will be a green smoothie.  Dinner will be a chicken breast sandwich with cheese or a giant tortilla with shredded lettuce, cheese, salsa and maybe black beans.  That should take me to about 2000 calories.  I don’t care if I get up to 2500, but I’d like to be as low as 2000 at least three times a week. 

Someone or something is going to attempt to derail my little plan here isn’t it?

About last night

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Scale’s just a tad under 243lbs. this morning.  It could have been worse.  Something happened yestereday evening.   I had been at 1000 calories for the day, which is where I’m often at on a day I’m being careful.  But then I stacked on another 1700 in the evening.  I’m so freaking big that I’ll still actually loose weight at 2700 calories a day.  So, it’s not the end of the world.  But it was more than my goal.  So what happened?

First, I think I should have had another blender of smoothie in the late afternoon or before dinner.  I ended up eating some snack food before dinner because I was hungry.  Maybe a little ravenous.  Some drinks and chips and an extra hot dog added about 700 calories.  The smoothie would have added only about 300.  And I still would have been able to enjoy a normal sized dinner.  I’d probably feel even better than I do this morning. 

I’m going for two smoothies today and go for a hike on top of the run.  I should be down around 239 after the first week of August.  235 used to be my absolute heaviest.  If I saw I had gotten that heavy I’d start dieting and get down to 225 or all the way down to 200 on some occasions.  I look good at 220, but I really want the speed and agility and comfort in better dress that I could have at a lower weight.

Just how I thought it would be!

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This feels great.  Weight is off my shoulders–I’m not talking about fat in this case.  Project I procrastinated on is in the bag.  I’m running and cooking the food I want and need to get thin.  Was at 244lbs. this morning.  Went running on the shore, read blogs and responded to my facebook page.  I’m starting to read blogs more, its like a part of the internet that I’ve never appreciated or enjoyed. 

Last night a mom ‘n pop rip off of one of the most popular restaurants in our state was giving away 2.00 burgers.  I wasn’t even tempted.  It just feels so good to not have grease and crap flowing through my bod.  Ended the day with a total of 2700 calories.  Not great, not too bad.

Good morning 243

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Usually after running more I’ll gain about five pounds, so it it was a surprise to get on the scale and see the decrese.  The first day was a wash but I seem to be in the diet groove.  The foods I’m relying on are green smoothies, subway ham sandwiches with no cheese and chipotle chicken bowls and soup. 

The back end of my web business is up and running and I’ve sent all my ridiculously late invoices to my main attorney service client and delt with their rightfully startled response.  I’m at about 1000 calories for the day.  That seems to be a good place to be at prior to dinner.  I’d have to eat almost 2000 calories in the evening and not exercise to gain any weight.