Anticipation/100 soldiers

In Uncategorized on July 22, 2009 at 5:48 pm

I’ve got about twenty more of these invoices to do and I’ll be free of this job forever.  I can start making money rather than cleaning up work from old jobs.  I expect that I can conscentrate on exercise and what I eat a little better. 

A friend of mine last night had an analogy for a guy’s ability to concentrate.  Its as though you have 100 soldiers in your mind, all assigned to different tasks.  Some are assigned just to worrying, some to driving, some to scheduling, some to your relationships, some to income producing work, chores.  And once they’re all occupied, thats it, that’s all you can do.  Some of mine are faxing a quote to one of my best customers as I type here.

I think I’m going to relegate the last paragraphs of my posts to food and exercise.  It’s mid-morning and all I’ve had is coffee.  When I get out of here I’ll probably have some subway for lunch keeping my calories at 700, then a green smoothie early afternoon for a total of 1100 before evening.  I anticipate a rush of energy from having my back invoices done.  I might reward myself by making a special trip to the gym and running at a lower altitude.  (I live above 7500 feet.)

  1. I’m curious about your green smoothies. What’s in them?

    • http://www.squidoo.com/greensmoothies is the site where I learned about the idea. I was looking for a way to get more laetrile (a cancer treatment debunked and outlawed decades ago) into my diet naturally, as well as whatever benefits I could get from increasing raw food intake. The “Take a Leaf from the Chimp’s Diet” section is what sold me on trying it. I ended up adding bitter almonds to the smoothies for the laetrile and got the added benifit of vitamins that allow for more oxygen in my cells or bloodstream. I don’t know how it works but the whole concoction seems to have me less hungry and running quite a bit faster than I could ever dream of at the same weight before. I was immediately able to run three 9-10 minute miles inspite of weighing over 250lbs. Usually I can’t do that until I’m under 225-230.

  2. Thanks for the link. I’m headed to my local farmers’ market tomorrow, and have some green, cherries, and mangos hanging around, so I think I’ll try one tomorrow.

    • Cool, I tell all my friends about my green smoothies just because they’ve made such a big difference. This morning I used green beans for the first time in a while. Spinich is my favorite though. I usually mix in at least two cups. Oh, I also mix in half a serving of whatever vanilla flavored weightlifter’s protein mix is on sale at Costco. I’ve been reading your blog. I like it, the look and the content. I’ve been working alone all week which causes me to go into self-absorbed mode, or I’d have already posted something.

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