(Business Lunch, Plumbing Shot, More on B15)

In Uncategorized on July 28, 2009 at 5:07 pm

Brown water coming out of the pipes this morning.  Glad I didn’t go running this morning-no shower. 

I’ve got a marketing meeting at Mimi’s today.  I’m not going to order something diety (spelling please).  In line with the idea of making this a permanent lifestyle change, I’m not going to make ridiculous orders at restaurants.  If we’re going to In-n-Out, I’m having a double double with grilled cheese however, I’m probably not going to order the fries animal style.  Okay, I might order them animal style every couple of years, or after marathons.  (I’ve run over ten of those–I’m serious about that.  Fries animal-style are In-n-Out’s fresh shoe-stringers with dressing, grilled onions, and melted cheese.) 

So, that means I’m going to have a 1500 calorie meal in the middle of the day.  Breakfast has already been 350 cals, dinner will have to be Subway or Chipotle at 600 calories for a total of 2450 calories and I’ll through in a longer run at high altitude.  (I live in the mountains and work in the city seveal days or more during the week.  It’s fun to sometimes purposely run at the beach or go to a gym closer to sea level and really push.  It makes a huge difference. I believe it helps build muscle too, but that’s really not why I do it; I do it because it feels incredible.)  That was a long parenthetical. 

One thing I forgot to highlight about Vitamin B15 is that it lowers blood pressure too.


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