Good Morning 242!

In Uncategorized on August 1, 2009 at 4:14 pm

jaug1I forced myself to get on the scale today after a few days of not running and one day of not dieting at all.  Nice to see I’m were I’m supposed to be on my excel forcast chart.  I think I am anyway, now I’ve got to go check.  I’m a little concerned that the loss in weight might be from a reduction in swelling from not having run the past few days. 

Running and dieting and even getting on the scale daily requires some emotion, some enthusiasm and fight.  I can even get excited about loosing weight when the numbers on the scale jump up a little.  I’ll be more strict that day and run a little further.  However stress from work, finances can quash that enthusiasm.  I’ve got two businesses.  One is dipping and the other isn’t making as much as it used to because I was focusing on the other for the last three months because it was doing so well. 

So, when the scale showed me two pounds heavier than I should have been, I just didn’t have the strenght to fight it, let alone run.  All these things are tied together though.  My weight and my appearance affect my business.  About a month ago I met with a major client and his friend at a vacation condo near by.  I just don’t fit in with them.  I’m no saint, but I just can’t get excited about porn or strippers or peeing in someone else’s ice chest at a football game.   Anyway, I wonder if our lack of rapport has resulted in my getting less work this month.  If it has I guess that means I substitute teach for a few months to make up for it.  But, I really love the freedom I have working independently.

My guess is, that if I stay on track for a few days and get into the 230’s that could give me the rush I need to focus on my other source of income, and maybe even feel better about subbing if I have to.  In turn, feeling better about those things will help keep my enthusiasm up about loosing weight and exercising.

Later I did go for a four mile run.  Lots of steep hills; steep enough that you’d have to brace your steps on the way back down.  Total time from my house to the CT trail and back was 56:50 with 13:56min. miles. total distance 4.07


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